Child Death and Serious Injury Review Panel

sadchild2The Mission of the Child Death and Serious Injury Review Panel is to provide multidisciplinary, comprehensive case review of child fatalities and serious injuries to children in order to promote prevention, to improve present systems, and to foster education to both professionals and the general public. Furthermore, the panel strives to collect facts and to provide opinions and articulate them in a fashion that promotes change.

The Child Abuse and Serious Injury Review Panel follows the review protocol outlined below.

  • The Panel will conduct reviews of cases of children up to age 18, who are suspected to have suffered fatal child abuse and/or neglect or to have suffered serious injury resulting from child abuse and/or neglect.
  • The Panel will conduct comprehensive, multidisciplinary reviews of any specific case that can be initiated by the Office of Child and Family Services, by the Commissioner of the Department of Human Services, or by any member of the multidisciplinary review panel.
  • Cases may be selected from a monthly report that includes major injuries and deaths in the preceding month, as well as a summary of deaths and major injuries from the preceding year.
  • All relevant case materials will be accumulated by the Department of Health and Human Services staff and the Child Welfare Coordinator and disseminated to the members of the review panel.
  • After review of all confidential material, the review panel will provide a confidential summary report of its findings and recommendations to the appropriate Maine Department heads, including the Commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • The review panel may develop, in consultation with the Commissioner of the Department of Human Services, periodic reports on child abuse fatalities and major injuries, which are consistent with state and federal confidentiality requirements.
  • The review panel belongs to the Consortium of Northern New England Child Fatality Review Teams.
  • The Panel participates in the use of the National Child Death Reporting System. Deaths and serious injuries of children under 18 are entered into the reporting system.

The Maine Child Death and Serious Injury Review Panel is comprised of representatives from many different disciplines. Its composition, which is mandated by state law, includes the following disciplines:

  • Judiciary
  • Forensic pathology
  • Forensic and community mental health
  • Pediatrics
  • Family practice
  • Nursing
  • Public health
  • Civil and criminal law
  • Law enforcement
  • Public child welfare
  • Doctoral candidates completing their clinical or field placements who regularly participate in these case reviews as part of their education and training


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