Related Panels

The Child Abuse Action Network works in conjunction with two other panels to evaluate and strengthen Maine’s child protective services system. Our goals are of recognizing child abuse or neglect cases at the first warning signs and handling such cases with minimal additional trauma to the child victim(s).

Maine Child Welfare Advisory Panel
Citizen Review Panel

happychildMaine’s Citizen Review Panel is comprised of a group of volunteer citizens throughout Maine who are federally mandated under the Child Abuse Protection and Treatment Act (CAPTA) to provide an evaluation of Maine's child protective services system. The Maine Child Welfare Advisory Panel is also Maine’s Citizen Review Panel and is made up of professional and private citizens who are responsible for determining whether the state and local agencies are effectively handling all child protective responsibilities. The Maine Child Welfare Advisory Panel, Citizen Review Panel membership includes:


  • Former consumers of services
  • Providers of services to abused and neglected children
  • Former foster children over 18 years of age
  • Adoptive parents
  • Civic representatives
  • Law enforcement and courts
  • Clergy
  • Early Childhood Development professionals
  • Legislative representation
  • Educators
  • Members of the community at large
  • Health care providers
  • Tribal representation
  • Substance abuse services providers
  • Mental health providers

The Mission of the Citizen Review Panel is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Maine's children and families through assessment, advocacy, and greater citizen involvement. The CRP promotes child safety and high-quality services for children, families, and communities, and it develops recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services and provides an annual report to the Governor of Maine. They are allowed to examine any of the following parts of the Child Protective Services system:

  • Intake and initial screening
  • Investigation or assessment
  • Case determination
  • Service planning, implementation, or monitoring
  • Case closure
  • Crisis intervention
    • Emergency placement
    • Family stabilization
  • Coordination of services
  • Staff qualifications, training, and workload


Read about the latest Citizen Review Panel reports here.


Child Death and Serious Injury Review Panel

sadchild2The Mission of the Child Death and Serious Injury Review Panel is to provide multidisciplinary, comprehensive case review of child fatalities and serious injuries to children in order to promote prevention, to improve present systems, and to foster education to both professionals and the general public. Furthermore, the panel strives to collect facts and to provide opinions and articulate them in a fashion that promotes change.